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The 14 Day Stress Cure ($24.95), written by Mort Orman, M.D., is an award-winning self- help book that offers a new approach for dealing with everyday problems that affect us all.

The 14 Day Stress Cure debunks five key myths that are widely promoted by stress management experts but that keep us from dealing with our stress successfully. Specifically, it shows that stress is not an inevitable part of modern life, that there is no such thing as "good" or "healthy" stress, and that managing stress can actually be harmful to our health and well-being. It also shows that most stress experts, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and other physicians, have not been trained to understand stress correctly.

But the best part about this informative book is the step-by-step coping method Dr. Orman recommends and which he illustrates with numerous real-life examples. He talks very candidly about his own anxieties and relationship problems in college, medical school, and his early career as a physician. Like most of us, he discovered that exercise, dietary changes, meditation, and other stress management techniques failed to cure him of his problems. But unlike most other people, Dr. Orman used this failure to question the prevailing "stress management mentality" of our times and to develop a safe and effective alternative approach that really does work. As Dr. Orman states in his Introduction, "I discovered what it takes to win against stress, and the knowledge I gained changed my life dramatically."

The 14 Day Stress Cure is divided into fourteen chapters, each of which is to be read and reflected upon in a day. Each chapter concludes with a few thought-provoking exercises. The subjects Dr. Orman covers are of universal interest: how to deal with anger, frustration, worry, guilt, and other negative emotions; how to prevent or eliminate relationship conflicts; how to reduce your stress at work; how to cure yourself of stress-related physical complaints; how to deal with the stress of public speaking, raising children, retirement, financial crises, etc. Even the appendices (four of them) are also of great value. And there's an excellent Suggestions For Further Reading section, annotated with the author's own comments and personal recommendations.

"Not only is The 14 Day Stress Cure one of the best books about stress you can find, but it may also be one of the best self-help books written in many years."

Bob Schwartz
President, Breakthru Publishing

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