THE HEALTH RESOURCE NETWORK, INC. A Non-Profit Health Education Organization _____________________________________________________________ 2936 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore, Maryland 21224 (410) 732-1900 February 27, 1996 Judy Weaver Northwoods Hills Center 800 N. Arthur Street Humansville, MO 65674 Dear Ms. Weaver: Thank you for requesting information about Stress Awareness Month (April 1-30, 1996). Each April, health professionals, health promotion experts, hospitals, medical clinics, and other health care organizations across the country are encouraged to focus attention on, and increase public awareness about, our growing stress epidemic. As the sponsoring organization for Stress Awareness Month, we invite all concerned individuals and organizations to disseminate educational materials and other information about stress locally, nationally, and through the public media. We also encourage holding public forums, discussion groups, seminars, and other public meetings about stress during this 30-day period. If you are concerned about the problem of stress in our society, I urge you to participate. You can create your own public awareness programs or invite leading health care organizations and professionals in your area to join forces with you. If you do participate, we would be pleased to learn about your planned activities. We would also like to receive samples of any innovative programs or materials you produce. Sincerely, Brandy Jordan Assistant to the Director P.S. Enclosed is some information produced by our organization that might be of interest you.